These characterful Cat placemats will remind you of your favourite feline friend and bring a smile to your face everytime you sit down to eat!.  They're the perfect gift for any cat lover and come lovingly wrapped in tissue paper with a seal as shown. Matching coasters are available.Cats currently in the range include 'Siamese', 'Grey Tabby', 'Ginger Tom', 'Ragamuffin', 'Persian', 'British shorthair', 'Sphynx', 'Maine Coon' and 'Japanese bobtail' 

Cat Placemat 'Close Up' sets

  • made from: Printed on hardboard the placemat is wipeable with a gloss finish. It's approximately 3mm thick and has a slightly rounded beveled edge. Do not put in dishwasher. dimensions: Placemat:- 23cm x 23cm x 0.3cm Coaster:- 9cm x 9cm x 0.3cm Design Simon Hart Copyright 2014