A fabulous and sophisticated 'Pussycat' personalised cat mug featuring bold, patterned black and white cats and flora/fauna illustrations.


This visually striking 'What's New Pussycat' Mug features one of the new series of graphical black and white collage illustrations.  Creating textures and patterns, I then cut them out and compose them to form these unique images. The design is inspired by watching cats in the garden and seeing them move in amongst the plants and flowers. The illustrations have a 1950's flavour with their bold shapes and natural forms and have real visual impact. (There is a second version of the design with other cat and plant forms which can be seen on another listing on my website storefront.)


They are the purrfect gift for any cat owner or anyone that simply adores cats! They also make a lovely gift for a couple , parents or grandparents with the option to have different names on the front and back of the mug. (See photo examples on this listing)

Pussycat Personalised Mug - Black and White design

  • The mug can be printed with either the words 'What's New Pussycat?' as in the featured example or you can choose to personalise the mug with your own message (max 30 characters) or simply opt to have no text at all with just the cat images only.

    There are a choice of 3 options in the drop down menu :-

    1. I would like the featured text 'What's New Pussycat?' printed on the mug please

    2. I would like my own Personalised message printed on the mug please

    3.No text required , Cat Images design only please


    If you have chosen to peronalise the mug you need to select the layout/format :-

    1. Same names/message on front and back of mug

    2. Different names/message on front and back of mug


    Finally if you have chosen to have your own personalised text just type your message into the blank personalisation box below. Your message will be printed in Hand Drawn Font CAPITALS (Max 30 characters) .


    If you have chosen to have different names/message on back and front you need to leave either a noticable gap or put a hyphen between the two names/words.


    Please be careful to check the exact spelling, case and punctuation when you type your message as we copy and paste your words directly onto the design.


    If you require more than one mug adjust the quantity you require in the drop down menu.