'Sphynx' is one of 9 designs from the 'Purrtraits' series of Cat illustrations featuring the original collages by artist Simon Hart. Each mug can be customized with names or words of your choice. You can choose from :- 1. No Personalised text, image only, 2. Typewriter font (in Mixed case), or 3. Hand drawn style font (in UPPERCASE). Make your font selection and add your personalised text in the box below.If you want the Cat breed name to appear on the mug (as in some of our photos) you still need to type it into the personalisation box . Please be careful to use the correct spelling and exact case and punctuation required in your wording. If you have the maximum number of 25 characters of text we may have to adjust the size of the font very slightly. Please note that if you select to have no text at all  the image will be slightly larger to proportionally fill the space on the mug.

Sphynx Cat Mug

  • The 9 Breeds/types of Cat currently available are: Siamese, Grey Tabby, Ginger Tom, Persian, British Shorthair, Ragamuffin, Maine Coon, Japanese Bobtail and Sphynx. Available as a standard 10oz eathenware mug or 6oz earthenware Espresso/small mug. Hand printed in our design studio in Devon, UK, all the mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe. Each mug is packaged in a traditional style sturdy brown gift/postal box and tied with twine for the finishing touch. Coordinating cards, coasters, placemats, cushions, prints and bags are also available. Copyright Simon Hart 2014